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An Awareness Raising Toolkit to help academics understand why students find transition to higher education challenging and why those teaching first-year students have a special role to play


“Why do those teaching first-year students have a special role to play?” Awareness Raising toolkit

The toolkit will focus on

  • the challenges students face in their transition to university,
  • how serious the consequences of ‘leaving students to their own means’ are, and
  • the impact academics have, whether they take any action or not.


The aim is to make academics aware of their special role in making higher education inclusive and accessible. Such awareness is key for academics to be motivated to learn how they can support diverse students better.


The toolkit is to be used by those teaching first-year students, and by faculty/staff/educational developers who work with those who teach first-year students.


Languages: English, French, Spanish, Slovenian


Expected upload date: June 2023.

To know more – join START online Dissemination Events in May 2023 & March 2025 (registration link will be shared here).



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